Disconnect (feat. Vandetta, Mean, Mars, Michaela Therese, Shak'thiya)

from by Tim De Cotta

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Head from the toe
No body in between
From the cast to the show
No audience to be seen

between brain and heart
Ain't no one that's really taking part in what you call art

It’s the far side of Mars
That sustains life
but it don't exist lies are the midwife
Like how you miss the real life
Connection broken delusion so rife
Ain't no truth in between ‘cos it can't be seen
Searching for the truth
In the smoke screen
will only get you nowhere

Cos it's not there
Like the emperor's new clothes that he didn't wear
But the squire by his life shouted "I swear"
but it's not there

And too many perpetuate the notion of what's good that's really so bad
Cos there's always a piece of the pie there to be had
But then it get's bad
And it gets worse
But they don't care


Look sharp it’s another day
Everyone’s a different page
In the book of life full of strife
Is it better? Is it worse?
Cash a blessing or a curse?
There’s always good hearts fighting while the rest
Find it easy to forget

Do we let the greed influence our philosophy
or struggle to digress from luxurious expenses
while I’m raging against these apparent indiscretions
I feel guilty in this city of excess where my mind’s incarcerated


I’m off it like a broken record
I stay connected, get on and put it on a record
Not for the record, not for the weak or faint-a-hearted
Let’s get it started, but only if you want the change

All I see is pain, all these people stay the same
The young and old never play their role
They’re only in it for the pot of gold

If only all of us can learn to work together maybe one day we can finally get the change that we want
One love!


Cause now I need to believe that there’s good there’s love
But all I see are only gaps in between

Humanity is dying
The children they’re all yelling
Man, are we even trying?
All we’re doing now is lying

Time to fix this disconnect

They say this life’s the only one that we got
So tell me people how come we’re always fighting a lot?
The rich and the poor
The old and the young
We breathe the same lungs
The same song to be sung

(Michaela Therese)

You know what I don’t get?
Why what I got and what you got can’t be shared?
Why we take instead of distribute
Cop instead of contribute?
Now the poor they destitute

And meanwhile when the retribution gonna come
We wonder
To those who put us under
To those who reave and plunder
Let NO man put us under

What God hath willed is that pride should be killed
And that greed should be billed for their mouths to be filled


Here we go, here we go, here we go
Young Indian boy sitting on a flow
Was spitting whack raps just for laughs,
But now people think I'm serious about that crap. What?

Have you lost your mind?
This rap shit is magic, my boy C.G. taught me how to be grounded, my head be pounding, from all the bullshit that these stupid MCs be sending, out into the minds of the youngin’s

This rap shit is magic

Paused out of respect, for people that heal, on every track,
For people that bleed, on every beat
And when the clock stops their words still echoing
Third eye be awakening, disconnect
Disinfect these words before you disembark on your own self discovery at reveille, or revelry
As long as you wake up and see with your heart, as long as you start
Indian boy with a battery heart, what's up!


from The Warrior, released March 10, 2017
written & arranged by tim de cotta
co-arranged by audrey tengkey
co-produced by adam shah and tim de cotta
rap written & performed by vandetta, mean, mars, michaela therese, shak’thiya
prose & bass by tim de cotta
piano & keys by audrey stefanie tengkey



all rights reserved


Tim De Cotta Singapore


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