The Warrior

by Tim De Cotta

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Artwork by Aeropalmics, design by Pearl Liu


released March 10, 2017

Co-produced by Adam Shah & Tim De Cotta
Mastered by Jason Tan

Recorded at The Analog Factory & Studio Novo

Copyright © Tim De Cotta 2017

The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Tim De Cotta.

Warning: all rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



all rights reserved


Tim De Cotta Singapore


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Track Name: The Warrior
Media control the vision, I'm not seeing it
Propaganda on every whim, I'm not buying it
Miscontrol the demon within, we're only feeding it
Celebrate the centre of sin, we start believing it

Face the music desolate wind, the best is gone again
Let the worst opinion win, the hunt is on again
See the greatest fallacy rise, utter absurdity
Keep the heavy shroud on our eyes, utter stupidity

Nuclear Proliferation, they're really sellin' it
World at war we're tipping the brim, they sit and laugh at it
Profitable Armageddon, we're on the losing end
Close an eye and watch them begin, we're back to hell again

Gather children we let them in, to see the slaughtering
Teach them violent tendency in their life and gawk at it
Pray and ask the God above why, this slight of hand we're played
The rest of us afraid that we'll die
But it's the mess we made

I don't want it to be this way, I'm a warrior
Yes I do have something to say, I'm a warrior
I will not watch it end this way I'm a warrior
I can't let this end in dismay cos I'm a warrior
I'll be fighting everyday cos I'm a warrior
I never lose the power to pray cos I'm a warrior
There has to be a different way if I'm a warrior
To change it all and save it today cos I'm a warrior

They’ve spiked me…
They’ve piked me…
They’ve hung me out to dry, falsely indicted me
I will never let them begin
Not at all this way
I will fight it all from within
To live another day
I ain’t never gonna give in
I’m gonna be okay
Never gonna call this a sin
Cos I’m gonna be okay

They’ve taken my mind
They’ve taken my dreams
They’ve taken it all
My heart is next please help me PLEASE!
I will never let them begin
Not at all this way
I will fight it all from within
To live another day
I ain’t never gonna give in
I’m gonna be okay
Never gonna call this a sin
Cos I’m gonna be okay


I gotta stay awake
I gotta stay woke…
I gotta stay awake…
Track Name: Sleep (feat. Weish)
Sometimes I find myself awake in the middle of the night
My mind, so much it gotta eat but this sleep it gotta fight
Warp tunnel it wanders through the darkness moving at the speed of light
Don’t wanna come back into me just remaining out of sight

Bounce off the walls into the fabric of my ever restless mind
Moving and moving never stopping God knows what it’s tryina find
Every inch of morning is creeping now I’m running out of time
Ain’t no solution but the obvious to this slow decay of mine
So I…

(My body bargains with it)

But my mind says no, “GO!”

Sometimes I wonder if it’s permanent no end this I see
What is this demon in my mind lurking deep inside of me?
Parallel existence ain’t no legend when it happens easily
Who is this being I have captured is this person really me?

Sunrise the birds they cry out murder as the darkness fades away
Enter the day so much to do but now my soul has gone astray
No choice I got to get it back now gotta try every way
Go back to slumber ain’t no number on the price I’ve gotta pay


Your world is only as big as the edges of your mind

I’m wasting away…
Track Name: Talk it Back (Interview Interlude)
Hold on for a minute
Can we, take it back for a minute?
I don't like where we've come
On this road we've begun

Sit back for a minute
Stop and, look around why you're in it
Don't you see what they've done
While we see no return?

They say they've got it under control
But the more we grow
The more it seems so foreign
This land this place sovereign

Don't you think it's time we woke up to see
The powers that be
Are really in you and me?
Emancipate yourself and be free

Can we go back to a place once new, just me and you?
Can we go back to what was so good? Please say we could
Please say we could

Don’t you remember the time
When time was yours and mine
And we focused on the things that matter
Paid no mind to the noise and the clatter?

Money wasn't a God
And though we had little man we had a lot
In the way of love and understanding
Oh my god I can't comprehend it no more

Lookin’ good while you look around
But ain't no love that can be found
When it all comes down to the wire
Are you really gonna put your soul up for hire?

Don't you think it's time to wake up to see
The powers that be
Are really in you and me?
Emancipate yourself and be free
Track Name: Art Pure
Let me spit some...
God knows we need new fresh wisdom
From the blind of the ego we need some
Clarity to see the bright shining of the Sun
Know what I say...
When the best of us get led astray
How do we expect to grow at all this way
Dunno why we hold our noses high
When all we got was a clap not a Grammy
Where's the heart
Would somebody tell me?

What happened to the days when love for music was all that was played
And the pride and joy
Simply came from expressing your soul
Way more precious than silver or gold
Can somebody tell me what went wrong
Did society glorify the wrong damn song
And leave us with the mess we have?
I think it’s time to stand up and face the music
Cos this is how we should do it

I don't care what you say cos
I'm gonna keep this art (pure)
I don't care what you say cos
I'm gonna keep my art pure

How did it feel my friend?
When you stopped keepin’ it real my friend
Did it feel good?
Does it still
When the vanity's taking over all that will?
To keep it true
And stop hustling me and you
For extra mention
Did really need all that attention?
God knows you got plenty more to give

But it could happen to me as much as you
if like you I fall into the brew
Of insecurity that's constantly bugging me
Stealing me from clarity, killing creativity
Did you forget how you began
When off to that glory all of you ran?
When did that soul so pure leave you wanting more
When all you had to do was keep your damn art pure?!

Track Name: Rio
I want to go...Where I've never been...
I want to see...What I've never seen ...
Go beyond the seas...And see beyond the me...
That I've grown too used to...
I want to go
To the places in the world that are in my mind
Turn imagination into real space and time
Listening to different beats where the different colours meet
There I’lll be...

I wanna see the world
I wanna see what Rio's like
All the gems and pearls
And catch the wonders with my eye

Can we go to Tokyo live with someone that we know?
Or take a camel ride in the outback where all the Kangaroos roam
Can we see the stars
Jupiter and Mars and all the galaxy?
Doesnt matter where we'd be
In the end I just hope that you'll be there with me…

Chorus 2
I wanna see the world
I wanna see what Rio's like
All the gems and pearls
And catch the wonders with my eye

I wanna see the world
I wanna scale the sky so high
See Africa unfurl
And know there's meaning to this life

Come and go with me girl
Let's buy a ticket round the world
Just you and me lets
fly away
We could be gone for days
Come and go with me girl
I know wherever I may be
And all the beauty I will see
Will not compare to what I see when I come home and you're with me

(Chorus 2)

{fun-fact: Josiah Suthan played all the Brazilian drums on this one. One man, many drums}
Track Name: You Could Lay Me Down (Ode to Dom) (prod. Intriguant)
You could lay me down
After you’re done with me
You could lay me down
There for the world to see
But I ain’t gonna give you a chance
To belittle me
And I ain’t gonna give you the chance
Till everyone will see
You can use me, abuse me, tear me apart, while you bruise me
You can tear the sheets that clothe me but you ain’t never gon’ expose me
You can break me, and take me to a place where others will hate me
But you can’t break this song

And everyone will see…

You could lay me down
After I’ve sung my song
You could lay me down
After my life has gone
But I ain’t gonna give you the chance
To take my art apart from my mind, my soul and heart
But I’ll only give you that chance
When my song is sung, not by me, but by the ones you thought you owned...
And everyone will see…

{Inspired by the life of a warrior, Dominique Lee. Dedicated to him & his family and everyone who was touched by his love. Rest in peace.}
Track Name: Disconnect (feat. Vandetta, Mean, Mars, Michaela Therese, Shak'thiya)
Head from the toe
No body in between
From the cast to the show
No audience to be seen

between brain and heart
Ain't no one that's really taking part in what you call art

It’s the far side of Mars
That sustains life
but it don't exist lies are the midwife
Like how you miss the real life
Connection broken delusion so rife
Ain't no truth in between ‘cos it can't be seen
Searching for the truth
In the smoke screen
will only get you nowhere

Cos it's not there
Like the emperor's new clothes that he didn't wear
But the squire by his life shouted "I swear"
but it's not there

And too many perpetuate the notion of what's good that's really so bad
Cos there's always a piece of the pie there to be had
But then it get's bad
And it gets worse
But they don't care


Look sharp it’s another day
Everyone’s a different page
In the book of life full of strife
Is it better? Is it worse?
Cash a blessing or a curse?
There’s always good hearts fighting while the rest
Find it easy to forget

Do we let the greed influence our philosophy
or struggle to digress from luxurious expenses
while I’m raging against these apparent indiscretions
I feel guilty in this city of excess where my mind’s incarcerated


I’m off it like a broken record
I stay connected, get on and put it on a record
Not for the record, not for the weak or faint-a-hearted
Let’s get it started, but only if you want the change

All I see is pain, all these people stay the same
The young and old never play their role
They’re only in it for the pot of gold

If only all of us can learn to work together maybe one day we can finally get the change that we want
One love!


Cause now I need to believe that there’s good there’s love
But all I see are only gaps in between

Humanity is dying
The children they’re all yelling
Man, are we even trying?
All we’re doing now is lying

Time to fix this disconnect

They say this life’s the only one that we got
So tell me people how come we’re always fighting a lot?
The rich and the poor
The old and the young
We breathe the same lungs
The same song to be sung

(Michaela Therese)

You know what I don’t get?
Why what I got and what you got can’t be shared?
Why we take instead of distribute
Cop instead of contribute?
Now the poor they destitute

And meanwhile when the retribution gonna come
We wonder
To those who put us under
To those who reave and plunder
Let NO man put us under

What God hath willed is that pride should be killed
And that greed should be billed for their mouths to be filled


Here we go, here we go, here we go
Young Indian boy sitting on a flow
Was spitting whack raps just for laughs,
But now people think I'm serious about that crap. What?

Have you lost your mind?
This rap shit is magic, my boy C.G. taught me how to be grounded, my head be pounding, from all the bullshit that these stupid MCs be sending, out into the minds of the youngin’s

This rap shit is magic

Paused out of respect, for people that heal, on every track,
For people that bleed, on every beat
And when the clock stops their words still echoing
Third eye be awakening, disconnect
Disinfect these words before you disembark on your own self discovery at reveille, or revelry
As long as you wake up and see with your heart, as long as you start
Indian boy with a battery heart, what's up!
Track Name: Rain (feat. Weish)
Tell me how it feels when the rain comes
does it wash away...
all the things you took so long to put in place so rigidly?
What have you really built it on
that you’re afraid that it would fall away
like regimes resting on the sand?

But they’re forming those clouds
that make you look at the sky with a shroud
of fear
And the thunder's so loud
see the flash of lighting
bolts hit the ground in the air so dry
Water is now amassing heavy
Dancers are dancing proud
We need the rain to give us life again but…

They can’t stand the rain
They can’t stand the rain
They can’t stand the rain
They can’t stand the rain

We’ve been dancing for the rain for so long
Our feet are dried in blood
Blood of toil for change to the drought in our expression
But we come from love so we wear it proud
Like soles cast in strength

Just as ions that graze the air
positive negative charges flare
storms roll into the land so bare
promising... showers of blessing
But the ones who have fought to give us shelter
are blind to see the pain
We need the rain to give us life again but…

Track Name: Seasons (feat. Josiah)
I see the clouds move up so fast in the sky
I see the leaves fall down in summer’s reply
They settle in an ever changing ground as I watch the world go by

The snow white is winter's effortless smile
The patterns turn to springing water so wild
They flow into the Sun clouds moving fast above it's nature's style

I see the seasons coming around
Like a circle coming around
With a voice upon the wind that’s telling me from deep within I’ll be alright
Alright… Alright
The plummeting degrees of hearts growing cold
The heating change of age's stories are told
I find the balance in the quiet whispering inside my soul

I’ve fallen down before but never laid bare
I get back up my spirit’s fighting the wear
If life’s a test I hope that I will do okay I hope it’s fair

And still the season’s coming around
Like the circle's reaching around
When they pass they leave me older wiser stronger bolder I’m gon’ be alright
Alright… Alright
Alright… Alright


Have you ever felt
Like you would never find the inspiration to become a great dancer, musician or an artist?
Close your eyes
Because the answers were easier than you think

The sound of a heartbeat and rain gave birth to rhythm and drums and everything we know about music
Sand and leaves in the wind are the foundation of dance
And the quest to replicate the perfect sunset on canvas

Life is stressful
We drive in metal boxes to glass towers
And come back home to concrete walls
And use plastic

When was the last time you sat in grass and dirt?
Listened to the birds
Felt the wind in your hair
And smelt flowers?

Art allows us the opportunity to escape from the mundane
Read a book, sing in the shower, dance to the radio
Write a poem
Allow your soul to flourish

Picasso said, “Art washes away the dust of everyday life from my soul!”
So take that time to let your soul fly…